Cheese Vat

Home Cheese Maker 15 liters

Complete kit to make until six cheeses using pasteurizer/processor, curd knife, stirrer, and cheese press with six cylindrical molds. The kit is compound of:
  • Cheese pasteurizer/processor with two stainless steel vats, one destined for until 15 liters of milk, with lid and handle, and the other for heating water to pasteurize milk. The vats are separated by a stainless steel support.
  • Curd Knife for horizontal and vertical cutting, stainless steel made, laser cutting, with sanitary finish and adjustable cutting wires separation. Cutting area of 140 x 140 mm an cut horizontally and vertically in the same knife, just change the position of the cable. The cut is made by polyamide thread, passed through the holes of the cutter structure. Etiel Curd Knife cut curd in cubes all with the same size, so the cheese mass is more uniform and is easier to press the cheese.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 milk stirrer, laser cut, sanitary finish, with 120 mm diameter perforate disk.
  • Two Presses with 3 stainless steel molds for cylindrical cheeses, laser cut, with sanitary finish. The cheese press consists of adjustable weight, with ecological system using PET bottle, (not included), and 3 completes cylindrical molds for cheese until 300 g, follower and cheese cloth to facilitate removal of whey.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 curd scoop, laser cut and sanitary finish. This utensil is made to easily transfer the curd and place it into the cheese molds. Dimensions: 110 x 100 mm, Carried weight: 250 g of curd 
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