About us

From the legal point of view, Etiel is the name of a company that, like any other company, is a living being that throughout its existence, accumulates experience, is transformed, and lives passions.

We* started working with dairy, making cheese and yogurt.As the available equipment for purchase was not satisfactory, we developed, cheese presses and tanks, appropriate for our artisanal production. The next step was producing these practical, economical, high quality equipment, for farmers, home cheese makers and educational institutions for training.

The production of our equipment are made of stainless steel AISI 304 plates, laser cutting and machining on CNC lathes, which ensures high production, quality and low prices.

We are constantly innovating, always searching for alternatives to reduce costs, rationalize shipping, equipment with durability and easy to use.

We consider to be fundamental, associate the sale of equipment with technology transfer, establishing a partnership with our customers. We help to define what to produce, what equipment is more rational, how to producet and how to market.

* Carlos Reinald Mendes Ribeiro and Cristina Haberl

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