Cheese Presses

Stainless steel cheese press for cylindrical and rectangular cheeses molds

Cheese Press Etiel permits pressing 25 different types of cheese molds: stainless steel or polypropylene in different shapes, cylindrical, rectangular, spherical.

The innovator system of Etiel Cheese Press use PET bottles that allow weight regulation according to the needs of each cheese type. Its structure is totally demountable, made of stainless steel AISI 304 with laser cutting, CNC machining and have a sanitary finish.

The molds are arranged in column, one on top of the other between four rods that are adjustable for any molds shape and size.
Etiel Cheese Press

Cheese Press and cylindrical or rectangular stainless steel molds

Excellent cheese presses with adjustable weight, ecological system using PET bottle, (not included), complete cylindrical or rctangular molds, with follower and cheese cloth to draining whey. All set manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, laser cut and sanitary finish.

Rectangular cheese press molds and follower are available in 2 size

Mold dimensions: 110 x 80 mm; Height: 75 mm for cheeses 400 to 600 g weigth.
Mold dimensions: 130 x 90 mm; Height: 95 mm, for cheeses 800 to 1,100 g weigth.

Cylindrical cheese press molds and follower are available in 4 size

Molds dimensions: Diameter: 80 mm; Height: 65 mm, for 3 Cheeses 140 to 300 g weight each.
Molds dimensions: Diameter: 60 mm; Height: 60 mm, for 4 Cheeses 90 to 150 g weight each.
Mold dimensions: Diameter: 100 mm; Height: 95 mm, for one cheese 500 to 700 g weight.
Mold dimensions: Diameter: 140 mm; Height: 95 mm;for cheeses 800 to 1,200 g weight.

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