Cheese Molds

Rectangular or  cylindrical cheese mold, AISI 304 stainless steel made, laser cut, sanitary finish. Sides and bottom, laser cut to facilitate whey drainage. The mold comes with cheese cloth.

Rectangular molds with 5 size options
Etiel cheese mold
Etiel rectangular cheese mold 
Dimensions:110 x 80 mm, Height: 75 mm, for cheese until 680 g weigh
Dimensions:130 x 90 mm; Height: 95 mm, for cheese until 1,170g weight
Dimensions:167 x 127 mm; Height: 105 mm;  for cheese until 2,350 g weight
Dimensions: 200 x 150 mm; Height: 110 mm; for cheese until 3,500 g weight
Dimensions: 230 x 160 mm; Height: 115 mm; for cheese until 4,500 g weight

Etiel cheese moldEtiel Cylindrical cheese mold 
Cylindrical molds with 7 size options.

Dimensions:Diameter: 60 mm, Height: 60 mm, for cheeses until 170 g weight
Dimensions:Diameter: 80 mm, Height: 65 mm, for cheeses until 330 g weight
Dimensions:Diameter:100 mm, Height: 80 mm, for cheeses until 750 g weight
Dimensions:Diameter:140mm, Height:80mm, for cheeses until 1,200g weight
Dimensions:Diameter:180mm, Height:90mm, for cheeses until 2,400g weight
Dimensions:Diameter:200mm, Height:105mm,for cheeses until 3,500g weight
Dimensions:Diameter:220mm, Height:115mm,for cheeses until 4,600g weight

The cheese molds are dishwasher safe and will last a lifetime.


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